How to improve your reporting of feedback collection

For many decades, companies have considered reporting as a manual task. Either by writing down the KPIs on paper or adding everything in an Excel sheet, employees have had to spend hours and hours to get a report ready.

Today, the rules have changed.


The way you analyze your data needs to be optimized

Reporting, in general, refers to the activity that consists of producing and distributing activity reports in a specific format. It has a double functionality of supporting analysis and internal communication.

Unfortunately, despite digitalization, many companies are still at the point of manual reporting using Spreadsheets. This is inevitably a waste of time when you know that tools can do it for you in a few seconds.


What you will find in this document:


Manual reporting is time-consuming and everyone is not always familiar with analysis


How to automize your feedback data reporting process


How to boost your productivity by simplifying your reporting with Feedier