6 Channels to collect actionable feedback

Getting feedback at every touch-point of the customer, employee, or user journey is fundamental to improve experience.
We believe feedback is a long-term asset for any team that cares about its end-user experience.


Wondering which channel is best for collecting actionable feedback?

There are many ways to collect feedback today. Whether it's direct or indirect feedback, the channels are numerous, and you don't always know where to start...

But faced with these countless feedback collection channels, which ones are the most effective? Which ones will allow you to collect feedback that you can then use?

Read our guide to help you understand the objectives of each feedback collection channel, so you can choose the one that best suits your goals.

What you will find in this document:


The 10 best practices for collecting valuable feedback


The best channels to collect actionable feedback from your end-users


A "Pros & Cons" for each feedback collection channel