How to collect workshop feedback 

No matter how good you think your workshop is, there is always something you can improve to make your next workshop even more productive and more pleasing! That’s why it’s very important to ask for the participants’ feedback. 


You need feedback on your workshop to improve the next one?

Different ways can be used to collect feedback right after your workshop. Usually you ask participants for their feedback face to face at the end of the workshop.

However, you can be sure that the oral feedback received at the end of the workshop will not be 100% honest and transparent. Why is this? Because your participant might not dare to tell you the truth and in that sense, you will not have the ability to improve your workshops.

That's why we wrote this guide from our article to help you collect qualitative feedback after your workshops. This way, you will have the opportunity to improve and thus considerably reduce your churn rate for future workshops.

What you will find in this document:


How to create your workshop survey


How to share it the good way


How to analyze your results